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Posts published in January 2018

Winter Off Roading and Tips For Caring For Your Vehicle

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Pro tips for winter car care

Every winter is different but that does not mean you should expect things to get worse. While you cannot do a darn thing to change the weather cycle, you can surely get your Coquitlam vehicle repairs are ready for any kind of winter weather. And because it is winter once more, a few winter car care tips would go a long way to make your experience possibly the best.

Wash and wax your car regularly

As the winter rain, snow and ice beats your car, you would see no need to wash it. About that, you are mistaken. You should take your car for cleaning. There are plenty of carwash experts around you. And to add a great coat of protection to your car body, have it waxed occasionally during the washing.

Make mats your great friends

If there is a time you should cover your car floor with mats then it is during winter. Salt, moisture and other forms of dirt will find their way into those floors. You will be spending lots of time scrapping all that dirt once the cold weather is gone. Even worse, your car floor will have a living memory of the beating it took from last winter. You could avoid all these with simple floor mats. They would not cost much but will for sure keep your car floor looking as good as new.

Keep a full fuel tank

With pump prices going off the roof, the last thing you can afford is a full tank every time you driver in winter. But which is a lesser inconvenience between being stranded in the middle of a winter storm with an empty tank and digging deeper into your pocket for a full gas tank? For the sake of safety and getting to your destination, always start your winter journey with full tank.

Stick to wiper etiquette

Winter wipers will be a great visibility help as the days get short and nights get darker. However, you should not stick with these heavy duty wipers during spring. They will prematurely wear off your motors.

Likewise, turn off your wipers before you turn off your engine. If you make the mistake, the blades will freeze into your windshield. If you try to unfreeze them by turning your engine on, your motors will be burnt in the process. The last thing you want during a harsh winter is more expenses.

Use your SUV power to your advantage

For those who drive a SUV, you can count on an extra advantage with the 4-wheel drive. But you should keep it working and know when to use it. It is meaningless that you own a 4-wheel drive and you do not know how to use it to beat the harsh weather.

Clean your auto battery terminals

You may not need a new battery and that is one piece of good news for winter. However, you cannot afford to neglect it on that basis. You should ensure that the terminals are clean. It is easy to keep them spotless. An old toothbrush with a baking soda solution will have the job done in a blink of an eye.

The Best Auto Insurance Reviews Online In 2018 Can Help Point You In The Right Direction

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You think you know everything about car insurance, and then the next big company comes along and brands its way to the top with eye-catching advertisements and attempts to save you money. Have you already shopped auto insurance carriers recently? The companies wouldn't mind if you did it over and over again, but it's not in your best interest.

Let's start by saying that first, it's not just about what you pay. Second, it really pays to look at the best car insurance reviews online in 2018 before making any decisions. Car racing around track


You want to be sure you have addressed all aspects of an insurance company and the products and policies they offer before you make a decision. What insurance company do you currently do business with? How much are you paying? Remember that if it's about saving money, educating yourself about insurance, in general, can help you do that. How familiar are you with what's on your policy?

Of course, if you haven't learned about insurance, then you might find out as you check the reviews that you didn't really vet the company and the policy before signing up the last time. Perhaps after looking at online reviews for auto insurance companies, you will find out that you made a great decision anyway, but you do want to know.


Could you be looking for an insurance bundling opportunity that you didn't know about? Perhaps it's the claims process that has you intrigued. The claims process is very important in regards to an auto insurance company. You don't want to feel like you have an insurance company that isn't going to protect you when it counts the most. Whether you own a new car or prefer used cars you need a company that provides you with an insurance policy that means something, so you can once and for all dismiss any opportunities to think about whether or not you need to get any more future insurance quotes.